It was hot in there! It wasn’t helped by the fact that I had to shut off the a/c because it was blowing the fabric around, making it harder to handle further compounded by the closing of the bedroom door. It was just blazing in there by the time I was finished.

Now, if you’re curious, I used the DIGNITET hanging system from IKEA and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 yards of antique gold, slightly crinkly curtain sheer material to drape the two side walls of my bedroom and around the corners towards the window. Then I tacked thinner strips of a burgundy sheer around the top of that as sort of a border. It softens the room a lot and helps diffuse the light (which keeps me awake) not to mention just looks kind of cool. I still haven’t put up the final set of drapes and I don’t have any good pictures because the bedroom stays rather cluttered these days. Eventually (read as: before I move out, whenever that is) I’ll take some snaps because I don’t know if I’d do it again, lol.