I so wish this was an isolated incident but Mom, bless her heart, really isn’t all that technologically minded. It took several of these #-not* conversations before it finally sunk in, and I did the checking of her voicemail more times than not. It’s not just the cell phone, either. Computers combined with oopsie-fingers make work very interesting some days.

* * *

Okay, my peeps. For next week I had a strip planned but had a feeling it wasn’t really going to be all that great. I thought it was funny as hell when it happened, but I’m thinking it would either need too much backstory or something to be funny to you. So I’m pulling it. Instead, on Thursday I’ll start a series of cast bios. I really want to actually have the ‘Cast’ link do something other than refresh the current page but I don’t want to just toss something up there either. This way, I’ll introduce a character or two on my current update schedule and have spiffy stuff for the Cast page. It’s a win-win situation. After I get the regulars done we’ll resume with our most chronological and mostly reality-based Random Acts… I’ll even sweeten the pot with the promise of color!