Published On: August 27, 2008

Tenting Optional

For the 2007 BYOP(umpkin) party I'd decided to expand things a bit and set up a canopy in the back yard in case of inclement weather of whatever sort. The canopy, however, had other ideas and conspired with the elements to make me just chuck-it into the storage room (where it still is, wadded up) and just go without. Turned out to be just fine without it, the weather was rather beautiful and we had a good time anyway. It probably would have helped to plan the placement better (I really wanted it butted up to the patio roof, no go) and to have extra hands setting it up. Live and learn!

3 thoughts on “Tenting Optional

  1. Hee. I was thinking, “I don’t remember a tent…”

    How’s the surgery recovery going?

  2. Slowly. Went back to work today for a few hours. Worst. Idea. Ever. Actually it was just the driving part that was uncomfortable. I should be fine enough by next week. 🙂

  3. Yeah, it was the sitting up that sucked most.

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