Published On: May 19, 2010

That First House

Oh, sure, there were other important things: it was in our price range, had 3 bedrooms plus the enclosed garage, 2 full baths, w/d included and was plenty big enough for us. It was just old (built in the 70s) and it showed. And the previous tennants? Moved out in a hurry, barely priming the walls. You could see painted handprints on the back of the front door, swirls and dots and all sorts of other inventive paint techniques in the other bedrooms. It had those horrid sliding closet doors that remind me of cheap mobile homes... it wasn't love at first sight. But when I saw the wine-label wallpaper border it did it for me. It was my house. Only it wasn't just for me, now, was it?

4 thoughts on “That First House

  1. Why is a swingset a con? just curiosity for my silly brain.

    1. Partially because we don’t have kids, partially because it was smack in the middle of this big back yard and would really cramp my plans for backyard parties. It wasn’t a small metal one, it was a big, hulking, wooden one that had seen better days.

  2. ahh… that makes sense 🙂

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