So, it’s the first comic of year 4 (!!!) and I’m starting the story of how Todd and I managed to move in together, cohabitate, and live to tell the tale.

And, as it seems to happen so often when the new comic year rolls around, I’m experimenting a little. I really liked the informal, sort of organic page style I’d been using for the pages last month so I’m planning to continue it for the time being. Not all updates will be quite this text heavy, it’ll just depend on what the page needs.

I’m also taking a page from Nell Brinkley’s book (figuratively speaking, of course). Todd got it for me for Christmas and not only did I discover she does the double-line style that I stumbled across on my own several years ago (a true coincidence, that one) but her weekly cartoons were composed of a main illustration and vignettes interspersed with text, often in verse and frequently numbered to guide the reader. It’s just a different way to do things and I think it suits the particular story I’m trying to tell better than a strict panel-guided style.

We’ll see.

Next week: more of the search.