I’d like to point out a few things, lest you get the wrong impression, here:

  1. I was not driving, Mom was. She was the one who supposedly paid attention to the alternate route and it was her decision to try it. Because…
  2. I had printed off directions to get us from the hotel to the ceremony and back AND from the hotel to the Zoo and back, and I’d book a hotel closer to the Zoo than the graduation ceremony, knowing that we’d be coming back late at night.

Neither of these things stopped us from ending up 1 county south (Jacksonville, for those not familiar with Florida geography, is in Duval county).

And, backing up a bit, that restaurant was kind of ridiculous. It could have been a chain, I’m not sure, but the name is Mimi’s and seemed French on the outside but rather Italian on the inside. And I really do find it hard to believe that it would have taken longer to make a club sandwich compared to the Cobb salad I ordered, but whatever. It was overpriced and not that tasty anyway.

This doesn’t have anything, directly, to do with Todd and I living together, but it happened just after the move and might have been left to waste away in my notebooks if I didn’t keep it loosely chronological, here. And this was a friend through work–the wife of a coworker, actually–and they didn’t know Todd very well, yet, so the invitation was just for Mom and I. Todd got to stay home and dog sit Molly and both of them were pretty happy with that arrangement, truth be told.