Published On: February 18, 2009

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 1

I'm going a little out of order, here. While Wrath of Con was my first real, geek Con there was, in February 2008, a little jaunt to Vegas that sorta kinda almost counts as a Con. At least to those of us who were there. See, SoulGeek had started in the Summer of 2007, and by Fall things had started to get busy in the chatrooms and forums. A group of chat regulars came up with the idea to have a get together in Vegas in February, totally on their own. Well, when Dino found out about it he decided (as he put it) "Well, Maybe I should go to this thing." We had about 20 or so soulgeeks from across the World (seriously, one guy was on leave from the Marines and he's stationed in Japan, so literally around the World) converge on Vegas. 'Kaze' (Juli from is just a total ball of energy from moment one and she really did say that as we walked up. It was kind of embarrassing but, hey, who am I to turn down a spontaneous compliment? Like me, Kaze and Lev had come from the East Coast. If my flight hadn't been slightly delayed (I think it was like half an hour) we probably would have been back at the hotel and having lunch by the time they called us. Todd had come in the day before to be on hand for whatever pre-event planning needed to happen and had rented a car (minivan) so could play taxi and so forth for the weekend. It came in quite handy.

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  1. Wow! Although I’ve been waiting for this story I’ll still have to brace myself. All those memories of the fun we had are flooding back.

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