Published On: February 20, 2009

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 3

Our first event was a meet-up at this place in the Excalibur called Dick's. Have you ever heard of or been to a Dick's Last Resort? Well, we certainly hadn't. All Todd really knew is they said they could accomodate our group with no problem. The somehow managed to not mention the fact that the volume on your average Friday night precludes anything but shouted coversations. Oh, well, we managed. The hats are, apparently, a specialty of Dick's, as are the less than pc or otherwise cordial sayings they feature. Another interesting facet of Dick's? (aside from the bras hanging above the bar, of course) Throwing crumpled napkins at people, preferably landing inside the hats themselves. Luckily, a bunch of us had met for dinner at a restaurant on the other side of the Excalibur's massive casino and had gotten many of the initial introductions out of the way. I wasn't exactly jet-lagged during this trip, but I was tired by this point (we'd made several trips over that bridge between the two hotels, too), so much so that I left my camera in the room and only had a few pictures on my camera phone. The camera phone that crashed shortly after this trip and took the pictures with it. Thankfully, Todd was able to  help me recreate these 3 examples of Dick's hospitality. *** Oh, and before I forget. This is the official 200th comic here at Random Acts... Wohoo! There've actually been 223 "comic" posts, but 23 have been filler or bios or in some way not really strips (mostly from year 1, too, this year there haven't been many at all) so I don't count those for this sort of thing. Thanks for hanging in for over 200 various updates. I raise my martini glass in your honor, here's to the next several hundred being even better!

2 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby, Vegas 3

  1. Oh what a night. That was craziness, but it was a lot of fun (even if I was pussy whipped). I still have the glass that came with the Guinness I drank that night.

  2. And now looking at my avatar, the hat makes perfect sense.

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