Published On: June 23, 2009

Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 4

We found Pig Daddy online with such a truly horrendous slogan the food had to be good ("our butts smell good"). Unfortunately, we learned later at the Winery, the restaurant had closed that week. As in Wednesday. As in 3 days before we got there. No one knew why. Where we ended up eating was fine, it was a little diner where the food came out on paper plates but it was clean and filling but not some place I'd be in a hurry to return to.

2 thoughts on “Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 4

  1. Had that happen in town here too. There was a Cajun seafood restaurant that opened up, but by the time I got around to going they had closed that very day. It seems that some customers were complaining that the food was too spicy and when the manager told the chef to tone it down a bit, the chef decided to walk out and they had to close the restaurant.

    1. I can sorta see the chef’s point on that one, lol–Cajun isn’t exactly known for being bland when it’s primary spice is cayenne pepper!

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