Published On: July 2, 2009

Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 9

So this was part of the Romantic Getaway package: 1 night accomodations and dinner for 2 at the house restaurant: Bogeys. Yes, as in Casablanca. There are movie posters--wait, I'll give a little review of the place as Monday's Nibbles, look for it then, but I'll just say that the food really was excellent. We almost always order different drinks when we go out, trying any specialties or just what sounds good and then taste each others to compare. This was, I think, the beginning of Todd's winning streak with picking the better drinks. I've had lemon drop shots before, but it was nothing like this martini. I wrote down the description from the menu and plan to suss out the perfect combo before too long. My pomtini was all liquor (pom liqueur and vodka, no juice/mixer); I didn't send it back but I did nurse it most of the evening. At least until the wine arrived.

2 thoughts on “Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 9

  1. Issue #1… There’s a very good reason there’s no wine on the menu from the **choke, choke** so-called-vineyard up the road. You should thank your lucky stars…

    Issue #2 There was no “Bogeys” in Casablanca! And, subsequent issue (we’ll call it 2.5) Eeeewww, what a gross name for a restaurant.

    1. Hey, just because you don’t like sweet wines is no reason to disparage all of them 😛 Some of the Chataugua Wines are pretty tasty. Besides, it was more from a hyper-local standpoint that I pointed that out.

      And, no, the club in Casablanca was Rick’s American Cafe or some such, but Humphrey Bogart –> Bogey and it sorta works. It’s only “ew” if you think of the Brit slang definition. I always think of my high school Latin teacher’s parrot of that name (a much more pleasant connotation!).

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