Seriously, did he really think that was supposed to be funny? Or, worse yet, a pick-up line???

As it happens, that day I was actually picking up snacks for a movie day with Jen, not merely junk food cravings thanks to PMS. Also bought that day: chocolate coated graham crackers, a second kind of Oreos, three types of chips and some decaf-coke. I swear at some point we ate actual food but I couldn’t tell you what it was or even what we were watching that day…

* * *

Random Acts…! Now featuring the backgrounds that ate my braaaaaaain. And shades of grey. Gee, I must be feeling confident all of a sudden, huh? A little too confident judging by panel 2 (I attempted to go straight to pen from the basic blue-pencil circle layout… first you must crawl before you walk, grasshopper), but live and learn. And to think I once wondered WHY someone would need a pack of 6 markers that were all grey! Still, working at 400% and shrinking it down does have significant advantages in how much detail I /can/ put in without the lines clogging and so forth even if it makes those background details much more important.