Published On: August 5, 2009

Working Girl 2

I'm definitely not one of those roll-outta-bed-and-ready girls but I can get ready in a hurry when I need to (which is a lot of mornings when I can't motivate myself to get up when the alarm first goes off). Still, the wardrobe thing is a chore. I love my clothes, I love my stuffed-full closet and overflowing shoe "storage" but, well, all those choices can be a bit much some mornings. Thankfully I have some fall-back outfits that keep me from having to think TOO much too early.

One thought on “Working Girl 2

  1. Roll-outta-bed-ready… Does not compute.

    You should do the ‘cold’ days version, too. If the temp drops below 75 degrees in FL, you see people leaving their houses in parkas and making sure the St. Bernard’s brandy cask is full, then they get to their offices and peel down to beachwear due to the thermostat pumped up to 98′

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